Friday, July 20, 2007

The Evening Activities

Tonight we attended the keynote speaker at the show. After the last show.. we wondered if it would be worth it..... but it was!

We had the privlidge to hear from Genevieve Gorder from Trading Spaces!
She came on stage and first thing she did was get rid of the shoes....she was so fun!
In front of her was a whole counter of fun things she created with while she visited with us.
She loves working with natural elements from moss to cranberries. She even laughed with us about a certian moss covered wall from an episode of trading spaces.
She has a graphic design background and worked in a large ad agencies in New York. While there, MTV called her for a job and she has become the star she is today. We did find it sad to know that trading spaces just taped their final episode. However we were excited to hear she would be doing her own show and moving to HGTV!

We also met her husband who was a host on another TLC show "Junk Yard Wars"

The biggest news that made the crowd ahhhh was she will be having and little one in about 5 months! She was adorable and we loved the event.


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