Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back to Work!

What a crazy fun week we had! So glad we didn't deal with any travel issues on the way home. Arrived late last night and have been trying to focus at work today! So many emails to go thru and updates to get out to everyone. Please be patient this next week if we don't get to you right away.

The Daisy Bucket Store is having their 2nd birthday in 2 weeks and we will be celebrating with lots of events on August 3rd & 4th.
~Crop on Friday 6-12pm - come play and papercraft the night away!
~CHA Product Updates 6pm - see what NEW products will be arriving! We have ordered 100's of new items and you will see it here first!
~Crop on Saturday 8-5pm
~Presentation from Cassandra, Melinda & Jason & Cake at Noon
and much more.. stay tuned!

Chat soon!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Evening Activities

Tonight we attended the keynote speaker at the show. After the last show.. we wondered if it would be worth it..... but it was!

We had the privlidge to hear from Genevieve Gorder from Trading Spaces!
She came on stage and first thing she did was get rid of the shoes....she was so fun!
In front of her was a whole counter of fun things she created with while she visited with us.
She loves working with natural elements from moss to cranberries. She even laughed with us about a certian moss covered wall from an episode of trading spaces.
She has a graphic design background and worked in a large ad agencies in New York. While there, MTV called her for a job and she has become the star she is today. We did find it sad to know that trading spaces just taped their final episode. However we were excited to hear she would be doing her own show and moving to HGTV!

We also met her husband who was a host on another TLC show "Junk Yard Wars"

The biggest news that made the crowd ahhhh was she will be having and little one in about 5 months! She was adorable and we loved the event.

Updates from the CHA summer!

The excitement of the show began with a parade of bagpipes!
A view of the booth where the new products were located. We loved having the table and chairs. It is a bit of tight fit, but was nice for our customers to have a place to sit.... we didn't have a chance to sit in them! We were busy all day!
These Clearly Petite Stamps are the biggest hit of the booth.

The other side of the booth.
The whole view! We love how it turned out. We were told today that we had the cutest booth they had seen at the show. WOW what a compliment. Met lots of people and we are enjoying the event!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

We Made it to Chicago.... Finally!

I am amazed that everytime we fly, we have issues. We left Portland ontime, came in late to Las Vegas had 12 minutes to connect to our next flight instead of the 45 we were supposed to have. We took off from Las Vegas but about 2/3 the way through the flight are told we will be landing in Kansas City Missouri for more fuel since Chicago is closed. We sit there for almost 2 hours! No food, can't get off the plane... but finally we take off for Chicago that is now open. We fly watching the lightening storm just a ways off in the distance almost all the way. We were supposed to arrive at 8:30pm and arrived at 2:00am! Had to be at the show at 8am. So very little sleep after we finally were checked in. Flight home will be better I am sure.

OK for the FUN stuff. We didn't need much sleep to set up the booth. It is amazing. We love the new pieces. Thanks Jason for building them. Thanks to the designers for the amazing work that is lining the shelves and walls of the booth. We will put pictures when it is all pretty online tomorrow.
Here are some of set up today.

Kay and Tanya working to unpack everything. So many boxes, pieces, papers to put on the wall. Thanks for working so hard today!

Here is one of the displays in progress, still have a couple of things to add in the morning.

This is one of the new displays for our new Clearly Petite Stamp Elements. Isn't it cute. On the other side is the ribbons in metal gutters just like at the store. You can also peak at the walls behind it. We will post pictures of the entire booth tomorrow! So loving it!

Ok we are off to finish our "hotelwork" and get some sleep. Have to be up at 5:30am.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Our last day of work is coming to a close... and we are off to Chicago bright and early tomorrow. We will be traveling all day tomorrow. Wishing happy thoughts to the 2 in our group that don't like to fly!

On the 19th we will piece together 2 HUGE crates to create a fabulous booth! We have some new pieces and 2 tables and chairs! YEAH for the tired feet that will be walking the show. The show starts Friday... we will attempt to post daily about the show.

We are super excited for the show and are looking forward to the response to our new products.
We have over 150 new items. 4 New paper collections, Clearly Petite Stamps and Ribbon Elements.

Thanks to the Designers, the booth will look great and the gallery is starting to fill up. More is coming as soon as all of them get the products in their hands. Can't wait!
We look forward to meeting a couple of you at the show!

The store will be open, stop in and say Hi to Jason, Katherine & Kristine. They are moving around the salesfloor so it will be a fun surprise when we return! We have a few of the Daisy Bucket New papers that are for sale in the store. Stop in and get the first sets! More will be here August 1st.

See ya soon at the show or when we get back!
Cassandra & Melinda

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One of two crates has left the building!

As you can see...
there was a whole lot to pack onto just one little crate...

but we managed to make everything fit...

boxed up... and wrapped....
ready to be driven to Chicago...

to reunite with our other crate!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Welcome to our Designers!

We were amazed at the response to our Design Team Call!
We had over 150 applicants. The work was so amazing that we had to add 6 new designers to our exsisting team instead of the 3 we had intended.

Congratulations to the 2007 Design Team!

Shannon Snyder
Kay Goodell
Heidi Smith
Whitney Sitton
Katie Anderson
Melanie Blackburn
Amanda Boyles
Tami Sanders
Dana Digennaro
Pia Salem-Lopez
and 1 more still pending notification (she's on vacation)

Stop by and take a look at the team on the Designers Studio. We are anxious for them to receive a BOX full of product and see what they can create!

Amazing work everyone, we appreciate you sharing all your works of the heart with us.