Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello from California!

Booth set up, amazing how much little pieces and details it takes to make it what it is. Tanya is in the background getting all the rep kits together. All the hooks made it up on the wall and fit perfectly for the amount of stamps and accessories we had. The girls all helps us glue the paper to the walls and Kay made sure they were just so on the walls! Everyone worked so hard and it shows!

Just minutes before the opening. Sorry Melinda your eyes are closed, but I know this picture is on several camera's. Hopefully we have a good one!

First day was great. Lots of great comments and orders. Designers.... they are loving your layouts and projects. Thanks for all the hardwork!

Chat more soon! I am trying to get on here, but it is busy and trying to fit some play time in with Kenzi!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

QUICK update

Sorry no pictures, but I am going to just let everyone know we are doing great, the booth is almost completly set up. Some finishing touches this morning. I am excited to see how we do today our first day of the show goes.
Took 4 hours to unwind in Disney Land. Even called Jason and warned him I was going phoneless. Didn't want to worry about it and thought I could have a few hours unconnected. Had a blast!
More to come, but we have to head out now. Pictures tonight!